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Verdicts & Settlements

$4 Million

Wrongful Death resulting from misdiagnosis.


Client received a settlement of $550,000 due to negligent diagnosis and treatment of a cancerous wart resulting in the loss of the patient’s right thumb.


Secured a settlement of an injury where a 19 year old man’s foot was crushed and torn off due to the negligent operation of a ferry boat.

$1.5 Million

Successfully argued a case for a client who lost his larynx as a direct result of a hospital misreading diagnostic testing incorrectly. The client received $1.5 million dollars.

$1.5 Million

Obtained $1,500,000 for a client that has partial paralysis as a direct result of a hospital’s negligent administration of anesthesia and supervision of a nurse/anesthetist during a hysterectomy.


Recovered $450,000 from a doctor that severely damaged a patient’s leg during a procedure to increase fertile sperm production.

$3.05 Million

Secured $3.05 million dollars for a client who had a brain-damaged baby as a result of a hospital failing to perform a timely C-section.


Settlement against a municipality for their failure to properly warn of road construction which resulted in brain damage to a motorcyclist.


Settlement with the hospital and the doctor for the wrongful death of a fetus at full term because of the physician's delay in delivery, even after several visits to ER.


Settlement with hospital when a hemostat was left in a patient during hernia repair surgery but was not discovered until three years after the surgery.


Psychiatric patient placed in a "secure" unit of hospital; was able to climb out of window and jumped to his death. Settlement for the estate.


Settlement for the death of a 3 year old child who was over-anesthetized by a dentist.

$3.75 Million

Secured 3.75 Million Dollars for a Brain Damage & Death client because a hospital failed to properly treat patient’s asthma attack.


Settlement for a nurse after surgery for heel spurs resulted in nerve damage to her foot.

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