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Brain Injury

A brain injury occurs when there is physical damage to the tissue and blood vessels of the brain. No amount of brain damage is acceptable to head injury survivors and their families. A brain injury victim may be entitled to recover:

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The following is a short list of common symptoms of Brain Injury:

Concussion – If you have a concussion, your awareness is altered and you may feel dizzy, nauseous, disoriented, forgetful, irritable, or depressed.

Focal neurological signs – You exhibit recognizable symptoms that inform your doctor that your brain is not functioning at its maximum level.

Loss of consciousness – You lose consciousness for any period of time, ranging from a few second to slipping into a coma.

Seizure – Your nerve cells function improperly, sometimes causing you to lose consciousness, fall and convulse (shake). Other seizures are less obvious, and the person may appear “in a daze” or have other symptoms.

Unequal or un-reactive pupils – Your pupils do not react normally to light.

Encephalopathy – This just means your brain is not functioning normally. It can have symptoms including disorientation, distraction, or stupor. There are secondary types of brain injuries that are caused by non-neurological injuries which include:

Post-traumatic amnesia – You experience memory loss of events that occurred before and after your accident.

Edema – Swelling of the brain that can lead to pressure building up and preventing blood and oxygen from entering the brain.

Hematoma – Accumulation of blood due to tissue injury or tearing of a blood vessel.

Hydrocephalus – Fluid in the brain, which may be acquired or congenital. The human brain is extremely vulnerable, especially when the head has suffered any type of trauma. If you were hit in the head with an object or if your head strikes an object, you may be suffering from a very serous brain injury. Even if you do not notice any obvious symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away. If your brain injury was caused by the negligence of another person, a Cleveland, Ohio traumatic brain injury lawyer, at LEONARD DAVIS & ASSOCIATES CO., L.P.A., may be able to recover monetary compensation for your brain injury and accident-related costs.

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